Thursday, 12 March 2015

How to download from torrent

Step 1: Open . This is a torrent search engine. Like Google for torrents.

Step 2: Search. Search for what you are looking to download.

Step 3: click on 1 that matches your search best. Look at rating and size. Some torrents could be very large like 10-20 Gb. Some could still be large like 2-3Gb for a BlueRay Movie or something. While we can manage with a 720 Blure Ray Rip.

Step 4: Open this torrent you chose in a new tab. This may take 2 clicks. On your first click you might end up opening an Ad and on the 2nd click the actual torrent may open. 

Step 5: I trust very few websites. Like or or These are the reliable once. Open that link in a new Tab.

Step 6: Now the crucial parts. Check for the comments and likes on the torrent. That will tell you what other users who have downloaded the torrent say about it. if they found it useful or not.

Step 7: Now open the downloaded .torrent file in a torrent client like Bit torrent, U Torrent, Deludge for linux. It should download a some time.

Step 8: And if you have limited bandwidth then once the download is complete stop that particular torrent otherwise it will keep uploading/seeding which will consume your bandwidth. 

Other ways to verify a torrent is genuine or not is to check other uploads from the same up-loader.

open the up-loader account in new tab.

check the users other uploads and comments on them.

Enjoy your downloads :)

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