Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Installing Google Chrome in Arch Linux/KDE while keeping it Simple

The Actual process to get this done is very simple.

Open address :

in the right side you will find Package Actions

Download tarball.

Extract the tarball.

Open this location on terminal (konsole).

    Type : makepkg

    [ This command executes the file PKGBUILD, if you are interested in what it does then simply open the
      file and look at the commands. They are simple to understand and you may run those commands directly
     on the terminal doing the same process by yourself.]


    as root : pacman -U google-chrome-stable....pkg.tar.xz

  [ makepkg command will build a .pkg.tar.xz file which may be used to install the software using the command written above.]


    makepkg -i

This should get your chrome installed.


  1. thanks! quick and easy to understand.

  2. Dear Viki,
    can you help me, i new to using arch...

    [irvan@dhcppc1 google-chrome]$ makepkg
    /home/irvan/Downloads/google-chrome/PKGBUILD: line 26: syntax error near unexpected token `)'
    /home/irvan/Downloads/google-chrome/PKGBUILD: line 26: `'')'
    ==> ERROR: Failed to source /home/irvan/Downloads/google-chrome/PKGBUILD