Thursday, 14 February 2013

Google doodle for Valentine Day 2013

Google has an Excellent doodle for Valentine Day -today.

Its both Cute and Brilliant :)

The Idea is to Press the heart button and Google will pair a match you you. And then Present a Cute story of the couple.

The List of Candidates are :

And Here is the sequence of there Stories :

1. Frog and Bird : rowing nicely to the sunset.

2. Rabbit and Dolphin : Nice trick bro

3. Rabbit again Changing partner to Turtle : And she is running late

4.Horse with Tigress : nice Moon

5. Hippo with Bird: Enjoying together

6. Monkey with Elephant : What a pair.

7. Octopus and Bear : wonder why he is not eating ??

8. Octopus and Goose : That right bro, just knock her out.

9. Squirrel And Chameleon : the one who didn't make it to Alvin and the chipmunks. Sad.

10. Fox ForeverAlone : LOL :D

-- Cheers. happy valentines Day :)

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