Monday, 17 December 2012

Adding PHP Development Tools on Eclipse 4.2 - Juno

Start by opening you eclipse environment

Go to Help -> Install new Software..

click on Add URL and put 

a name : Juno PDT 
and url :
Install New Software...

Press OK.

now on the Drop down select the link that you just now added..

wait for it to populate the list below.

then type : PHP in search bar

You may see "PHP development tools" multiple time : check their version on the right ( most probably they will all be the same)

Select any one you like and click next . Read Terms and conditions and agree (if you feel like it) and select next and finish .

It will start downloading. and installing..

After Installation

PS : Just for sanity purpose keep you Java ( or any other ) work-spaces separate from PHP..


Happy Programming :)


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